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Say byyyeee to those ingrowns and irritable bumps. I am a soft, hydrating exfoliating  scrub that slays dryness with ease. I’m gentle enough for down there!  I’m packed with exfoliating demerara sugar, coconut and sunflower oil in a shea butter base so you can slough away your ingrowns and moisturize at the same time, revealing smooth, bright skin. How efficient! 

Invite me over to your place 😊💕

How to use me: 
Step 1. Get naked. 
Step 2. Apply me to wet skin to soften congested area in a circular motion avoiding internal use. 
Step 3. Rinse and pat dry for a delightful experience.
Use 2-3 times a week! 

Perfect to use in between your waxes ✨