Spoil Your Kitty

The ultimate skincare bundle for your lady parts! Bare Haven is normalizing pubic hygiene! Spoil Your Kitty includes: Sorry, Not Sorry feminine cleanser, Get Into It exfoliating scrub and Nvm, He Texted Back moisturizer. Natural, cruelty-free and safe for all skin types.  I sell out fast so don’t think about this important life decision for too long! 

How to use me: 
Step 1. Apply a small amount of our cleanser Sorry, Not Sorry in a circular motion using your fingers to the bikini line and top area. Rinse off. 

Step 2. Follow with exfoliating scrub Get Into It. Rinse then pat vaginal area dry. 
Step 3. Lastly, massage in our rich Nvm, He Texted Back for a delightful experience. (Apply to bikini line and top area avoiding the labia.)
Give your kitty 🐱 the attention she deserves! 

*Get it for yourself or give the gift that keeps on giving*