Skin Lightening


If you are embarrassed of the discoloration in your intimate area such as the bikini sides and/or the anal area there is a solution for this and we got it! 

Our skin lightening product for the intimate area is unlike anything else out there. A lot of the drug store skin lighteners use harsh chemicals to “bleach” only the top layer of skin. There is a high chance of you burning your skin from using these product because of the harsh chemicals in them. Our product is safe for use of the most sensitive skin out there and FDA approved. NO Hydroquinone or Kojic Acid.

This in-house service for skin bleaching will help jump start the skin lightening process by getting the skin 1-4 shades lighter. Areas might lighten all over or in certain areas – results vary person to person.

Anal $50

Vaginal $50

Underarm $50

Series $250 Buy 5, the 6th one is on us!


**Important: The hair needs to be removed from the anal, vaginal, or underarm area before booking this treatment, or you can add a wax service to this treatment and let us take care of it. **

What causes the intimate area discoloration?

It is actually very common for the vaginal and anal skin to get discolored in both men and women. A lot of people do not talk about it but at Bare Haven we are here to take the embarrassment out of this topic. There are many reasons why one can need vaginal bleaching or anal bleaching treatment. Everybody needs it for different reasons however, most common reasons tend to be hormonal changes that may arise after pregnancy, aging or weight gain. But there is no need to live with it and feel embarrassed we have an in-house treatment that can help with the skin lightening process.