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I’m an all-natural fast-acting solution for BV & yeast infections in a dry suppository capsule that won't leave a gooey mess in between your thighs.

BV is commonly caused by a bacterial shift in your vaginal pH due to sex, condoms, lube — or even your menstrual blood. In fact, 1 in 3 people with vaginas has BV (84% are asymptomatic) and 138 million suffer from recurrent yeast infections.

Not Today — medical-grade Boric acid, quickly and gently restores your natural pH balance, and eliminates the need for antibiotics for good. Now you can take charge of your vaginal health and strut with confidence.

30 suppositories included
Created by a woman
Fast and effective treatment for BV, yeast infections and pH balance – full symptom resolution often seen in 1-2 days

I’m perfect for your self-care routine

Wash hands and nails well with soap and warm water before handling me.


Directions: Insert (1) Not Today suppository inside the vagina, every night for 7 consecutive days or until symptoms go away. Make sure to use a panty liner as the capsules may slightly discharge overnight. After cleanse, we recommend using Not Today as needed after periods, sex, working out, or anything else that will disrupt your vaginal pH.

Ask a doctor before you use me if you have vaginal bleeding, ulcerations, sores, nausea, sensitivity in your lower pelvis or a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

For Yeast

Acute (current infection):
Insert 1 suppository capsule into vagina once daily for 2-3 weeks

Prophylaxis (for women prone to yeast infections who want to prevent future infections): Insert 1 suppository capsule into vagina twice a week for 6 months

For BV

Acute (current infection): Insert 1 capsule into vagina once a day for 21 days

Prophylaxis (to prevent): Insert 1 suppository capsule into vagina twice a week for 6 months

I recommend wearing a liner for potential vaginal discharge – your body is cleansing itself.

Feminine Hygiene

Use me after sexual intercourse, menstruation cycle, workouts or anytime your pH feels "off." 

100% Boric Acid Powder (600 mg)
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